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Bonded Warehousing

Bonded Warehousing

Hellas Europe Australia Pty Ltd owns and operates a Customs 77G Bond Licensed Facility and is a Quarantine Approved Premises (1.3 QAP). This allows us flexibility, to organize shipments to be moved under bond avoiding high storage charges should shipments remain at the arrival port or terminal.

Our location is just one thing that gives us the edge over our competitors in our market.

We are located no more than 10 minutes away from Port Botany, Sydney Airport Terminals and also Customs House. Last minute submissions become a breeze and our transportation is able to easily access all runs in every direction with ease.

The benefit in using our facility is that we have DAFF on site up to 3 times a week and Customs examination schedules are prompt due to our close proximity to Customs House, which in turn can save clients money and time.

Should you simply require the need for storage, we are able to store goods in domestic containers, in our module system or on pallets depending on the volume you may require at our 3,000sqm fully secured bonded facility.

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