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What information do I require to Import a Motor Vehicle to Australia ?
The articles below are meant as a guide not as a definitive text on importing vehicles and equipment to Australia - to ensure up to date information on importing vehicles to Australia please contact our imports department, either by email imports@hellaseurope.com.au , by fax +61 2 9567 3600 or by phone on +61 2 8507 1399 so we can ensure that your importing is done with the miinimum of fuss.
Dotars Application
please note this must be completed and approved before a vehicle, trailer, motor cycle etc is imported into Australia - approval should be received before the item is shipped or DOTARS may reject the import entry and return the item at the importer's expense.
Degassing Details
as of March 2006 on all vehicles arriving into Australia the Department of Environment and Heritage(DEH) have been very strict and holding up numerous of Car entries. They have requested for all future shipments where vehicles have been de-gassed the attached form must be completed. They will no longer except statements for de gassing on purchase invoices or any other format. To avoid further delays please pass this information onto Overseas agents/ Clients and suppliers. This will come into effect immediately.
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